Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Bumble Bee

Dear family, This week was absolutely fantastic. I don´t think I´ve ever seen so much success on my mission. There have been some days where we have literally had to run from teaching appointment to teaching appointment because we have so many people to teach. It has been great. We´re teaching a ton of people that we´ve found through the members. I don´t you if you all remember that 5-5-5 plan that I told you about a awhile ago but we´ve found like six people through getting references from those families. We´ve actually only been working closely with two of the families and we´ve found that many people to teach regularly in the week so I can´t even imagine how it would be if we worked that way with all of the families. We´re teaching two old ladies that are friends of one of the families and they both came to church this week so we´re super excited. They both have a baptismal date for the 7th of July so they just need to come to church next week and they´re set. They´re great though. We´re also teaching two other people from another family that lives way out in the boonies. They live super far so we´ve been trying to get out there as much as possible by asking the members to take us but sometimes I feel like we´re asking a lot. We´re seeing a lot of success though so we have to do it. One of those people we´re teaching also came to church this week and also has a baptismal date for the 7th so hopefully if everything works out smooth we´ll have 3 baptisms that day. That family knows another family (of 5) that we´re working with who lives even more way out in the boonies. The other day we didn´t have any one to take us from the family that lives kind of out in the boonies to the family that lives way out in the boonies so we basically ran/jogged/walked three miles to get there as soon as possible because we were already late. It was pitch dark because we were way out in the country and the wind was blowing like we were in some kinda scary movie and it just felt like a boss. It was great. Basically, we´re having a blast and teaching lots of people. Hmmm, other than that there´s not a ton of new stuff going on... Welp, with all the love of a honey bee, Elder Lounsbury

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