Monday, June 4, 2012

French toast! BBQ sauce!

Well family, how are you all doing? Things over here and going just splendidly. We had to go to Mendoza on Tuesday and didn´t get back til Wednesday night so this week wasn´t spectacular but we did what we needed to because Agustin and Valentina came to church! We finally got Agustin to come to mutual with us, and I think it helped him feel a lot more comfortable with going to church because he already knew people there. We´ve got Valentina´s baptism lined up for this Saturday but Agustin has only been to church one time so we´re going to have his baptism next Saturday. We just gotta make sure he comes to church this Sunday and we´ll be set. He already has all of the lessons and a testimony so that´s pretty cool. We´re going to have a Family Home Evening with their family (their dad is less active and their mom isn´t a member) so we´re hoping to use the baptisms of the kids as a way to help the dad come back and also to get the mom more interested. The spirit is always super strong at baptisms so it´ll be super important that we get them there for that. We´re also making some progress with the husband of a long time member. He´s gone from like 20 to just 6 cigarettes and he´s reading the book of mormon seriously for the first time in his life. We still gotta help him stop smoking completely, go to church, and recognize he´s gotten an answer but his wife got up in testimony meeting and said that we were making progress with him with things he´s never done before in his life so that´s helped us a lot. Even though he still has some big changes to make he´s slowly been making small ones. Slow progression is better than no progression. He´s got a baptismal date for the 30th of this month so we´ve really gotta start getting him to make those changes fast. Especially with church so he can go twice before his baptismal date. Other than that this week has been pretty normal. It´s was a transfer week, so there´s been a few changes in the zone but we knew I was staying with my comp because the training program is two transfers long. The only changes that really affect us are that we´ll be getting someone new in our apartment and that my district is now going to have two more missionaries. It´s going to be a little interesting because one of the new missionaries is a little notorious for....I don´t know if I would say causing problems, but maybe something like "hard to handle". So...I guess that´s going to be a growing opportunity for me...haha. Welp, the last somewhat exciting thing I can think of is that on Sunday for lunch we made french toast and ate it with peanut butter and syrup and my taste buds about exploded. It was like uniting with a friend you haven´t seen in a long time and having it be better than what you expected because at first you wondered if it would be awkward. Kinda like that but super better. And we put the Bullseye BBQ sauce to work again with some steak we cooked this afternoon. It was a pretty similar experience to that long lost friend thing. So good. I think that´s about it for now folks, With all the love of BBQ sauce, Elder Lounsbury

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