Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Path Paver

Hey y´all! This week was pretty great. News #1 is that Agustín got baptized! It was super great seeing him finally taking that decision. I think missionaries have been working with him since he was 8 and like 6 years later he´s finally made the decision to get baptized. I honestly think his little sister helped him out a lot. She kinda took a braver inicitive and didn´t have a problem going to church and accepting a baptismal date before him etc, which I think made it easier for him. She kinda paved the path and made it easier for him to follow. I think we all rely on path pavers in our life but also at certain points when the crowds follow the world´s path we gotta make our own, and maybe we´ll make it easier for someone else to follows us heading in the right direction. Do you pave the right paths for others to follow? This week we´ve had a lot of sucess working with the members. We´re really seeing this 5-5-5 plan finally working. I think we had 10 lessons with member both this week and last week which is pretty high with what we´re used to. We have a decent amount of investigadors that are progressing and all of them have close friends or family who are members so we have really high hopes that they´re going to progress well. By the end of this transfer in like 4 weeks we could possibly have 3 or 4 more baptisms, so we´re really working hard to help all of the people we have progress even more. In the last two weeks we´ve had some pretty cool experiences with the spirit. It´s almost as if we have our own super tiny pride cycle. We start having a lot of success and then we might start praying a little less fervently or become a little more slack and then we realize our teaching has gone down the drain. This past week we´ve gotten a lot better and haven´t really seen that as much but it´s just so interesting how small things can make such a big difference in the amount of the spirit we have. And it´s so vital to have the spirit when we teach, if we don´t then we´re left to our own abilities and basically nothing good comes from that haha. It´s the first time in my mission I´ve really seen differing levels of the spirit and I think it´s something good to notice in our own lifes. Even the most basic tiny things we do will either help us feel the spirit a little bit more in our lives or they´ll make us lose just a little bit. Maybe in the moment we won´t feel a difference (although with some decisions we can) but over the long run it´ll make a difference in where we end up. In which direction are you going? The journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step, so watch your step. (I think I stole that from Elder Holland but it´s pretty good haha) Also, this week I had the opportunity to read the new for the strengh of the youth pamplet and I am absolute in love with it. It is SO golden. It´s like a Preach My Gospel but for life. If you do everything in that pamphlet you are going to be such a solid person. I think one of my favorite parts was under service. It said something like "pray daily to be guided to someone you can give a helping hand." Can you imagine if we all lived that way? That manual is so inspired. It is like the key to unlock un ending happiness is right in front of our noses. Well family, I believe that´s all I got for now. I hope you all have a spectacular week. With all the love of a freshly paved path, Elder Lounsbury

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